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Insurance Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Internet Continuing Education (InternetCE)?
    InternetCE provides you with high-quality, affordable insurance continuing education courses in online. To learn more about public in-person classes visit imperialtraining
  2. What should I expect from an online course?
    We use a unique system to help you learn the material easily. Our online courses present you with information in large type that is easy to read. We highlight key items in red and ask you periodic true/false questions to make sure you are learning critical information. You may review the material as much as you want before taking your required online, multiple-choice exam. Passing the exam proves your proficiency in that subject to your state's governing authority.
  3. Is InternetCE approved in my home state?
    To find InternetCE courses approved for your state, select your state from the drop-menu in the left pane. Our courses are currently approved for North Carolina, and we expect to receive approvals from additional states soon.
  4. What types of courses does InternetCE offer?
    You can take courses for insurance continuing education credits in Life/Accident and Health, Property and Liability, or Adjusting. To view specific courses for your state, select your state from the drop-menu in the left pane.
  5. Does InternetCE offer pre-licensing courses?
    Although we do not offer pre-licensing courses, at this time, we can direct you to organizations that accommodate those needs. For pre-licensing recommendations, select your state from the drop-menu in the left pane, and then click the pre-licensing button from your state’s page.
  6. 6. Will my InternetCE courses meet non-resident insurance license requirements (in states other than my home resident state)?
    You receive a course completion certificate for each successfully passed course for your home resid¬ent state only. While each state varies, most require the following for non-resident filing:
    • Faxed copy of course completion certificate
    • Letter of reciprocity
    • Cover letter
    • Contact the State Insurance Department to confirm non-resident filing procedures for a specific state. We can provide duplicate course completion certificates for a nominal fee.
  7. 7. Which courses should I choose?
    To view your state's insurance continuing education requirements, select your state from the drop-menu in the left panel of this page to access insurance continuing education course information for your state. Then click the Department of Insurance CE Packet link toward the bottom of the page.
  8. Can I print my online course materials and test questions?
    You can access all online courses from our website at any time. Printing of online course materials and test questions is not allowed.
  9. How long does it take to complete an online course?
    The time required to complete an online course varies from person to person, but it roughly approximates the number of credit hours awarded for the course. After completing a course, you must pass an online, multiple-choice exam. Passing the exam proves your proficiency in that subject to your state's governing authority.
  10. Do I have to take an entire online course in one sitting?
    If you prefer, you can complete your online course in smaller segments. Each online course allows you to bookmark where you leave off each time you exit the course. You can access your insurance continuing education course as many times as you want.
  11. How are online tests presented?
    Our online tests consist of 25-50 multiple-choice questions, which are randomly selected from a larger pool of questions. You must receive a score of 70% or better to pass. If you do not pass an exam, you can retest immediately. When you retest, you take a new exam with a new set of randomly selected questions.
  12. Will my answers be lost if I lose my internet connection while taking a test?
    We save the answers you select while taking an online test. If you lose your internet connection during the test, you can log in again and finish.
  13. When will I receive my Completion of Exam certificate?
    Some states allow you to print your exam certificate online immediately after you pass the exam. If your state does not allow this, we mail your certificate to you within 2-3 business days.
  14. How do I prevent repeating a class?
    When you log into your InternetCE online account, the course catalog only displays courses you are currently eligible to take. Each state has different “non-repeat” rules for insurance continuing education courses.
  15. How many credit hours can I earn for each class?
    Credit hours for each course vary by state. After you select your resident state from the drop-menu in the left panel and access the course catalog, you can view specific details for each course listed (such as course number, credit hours, and tuition fees).
  16. How do I set up my user ID and password with InternetCE?
    If you are a first-time user, register online to create an online account. You can register online before or after you select courses. Once your registration is complete, you can use your unique user ID and password to log into the system.
  17. What if I forget my user ID and password?
    On our main page, choose “I’ve forgotten my login info” and follow the prompts. If you have further trouble, please call us at 1-844-209-5004.
  18. What personal information does InternetCE keep on file about me?
    To report your insurance continuing education credits to your resident state and create your course completion certificate, we must obtain the following information about you:
    • Name (as listed on your insurance license)
    • Mailing address
    • Phone numbers
    • Email address
    • License number
  19. Is my account information safe with InternetCE?
    Absolutely! Our secure web servers surpass industry standards regarding the capture and delivery of sensitive information.
  20. What payment options do I have?
    When registering online, you can pay by Visa or MasterCard.
  21. What is InternetCE’s refund and tuition credit policy?
    You may substitute one online course for another with an equal or lesser number of credit hours at no additional charge. We do not offer cash refunds.
  22. Does InternetCE offer bundled discounts?
    Bundled pricing is available for most courses. To receive a bundled discount, you must order all courses at one time for one person. For online courses, state filing fees are charged in addition to the bundled rate.
  23. What are state filing fees?
    Some states require us to pay a fee to file your credits. We charge you those fees when applicable and forward them when filing your credits for you. These filing fees appear on your invoice.
  24. How much time do I have to complete my course(s) before my payment credits expire?
    For online courses, your purchase credits are valid for 12 months. Your online course expiration deadline appears in your online account information. For in-person classes, your tuition course credits are valid for one academic period (the length of the academic period varies according to state insurance continuing education requirements).
  25. Does InternetCE report my credit hours to the state?
    For states that require us to do so, we report your hours as required. Whenever we report credit hours on your behalf, it appears on your online account information.