What Makes the Insurance Field Great?

The insurance field offers abundant opportunity for successWhy choose insurance as a career, or why do agents who’ve worked in the field keep going? There are many other ways to make a living. Most insurance agents are good sales people, so they could work in another sales area if they chose to do so. But insurance people know that there are some very positive reasons to stay in insurance sales. It is a rewarding field, which builds a residual income over time. It provides a sense of self-actualization in providing a product or service people need. And it is a flexible field. We explain more below:

1) Residual Income/Lucrative Career. One of the most attractive reasons people go into and stay in insurance is the potential income. Not only can you make a substantial commission, but over time, your income tends to increase. Residual income builds over time and keeps compounding Some of the best agents make six figures, and these are typically agents who have stayed in the field a few years.

2) Self-Actualization. Insurance is a helping profession. While it is a sales job, you are offering people something they can benefit from over time. The sense of knowing that you are offering people something that removes the worry they have over their financial future offers a sense of accomplishment to agents. It also adds to customers’ estate value, making their children’s future more secure. Many agents feel good about the fact they are helping others.

3) Flexibility. Unlike many other careers, insurance sales offers agents flexibility in working hours, as well as the freedom to determine when or how they will work. Agents have to be very self-disciplined, but this type of career is attractive to many due to its working conditions. Many agents work from their home office. Many work in an insurance office half the time, and in the field the rest of the time. This is usually left up to the agent, as long as he or she is bringing consistent business into the company.

There are many reasons to go into or to stay in the field of insurance sales: the potentially high pay, the flexible hours, and the sense of fulfillment of offering people something that enhances their lives and eases worry. The agents who traditionally make the most money are the ones who stay in the field over the long-haul, to the point where they have had the time to build up their business and make it pay off with residual income, and income from annual renewals. Being an insurance agent is something to be proud of, as you are offering people a sense of financial security, while building your own.

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