Making Insurance CE More Meaningful

how to make insurance ce more meaningfulContinuing Education is a requirement in order to keep up-to-date on the latest insurance laws and trends, as well as some of the changes in products available to customers. You know it’s important, but how can you find a way to enjoy it? Here are a few tips to get more out of your continuing education requirements while still learning what you need to know.

1) Think about the law and the requirements and what they mean to you. It is important not only to know the law but to know how it applies to the particular kind of insurance you sell in your career. So choose CE courses in Ethics which address this area. Take courses which sound interesting but still address the more important aspects of the law.

2) Think about your future career. What do you hope to do with your insurance career in the future? Take courses that are not only necessary but also highly beneficial to your career as an insurance agent. For example, if you are specializing in property insurance or special lines, make sure to take a course dealing with these topics. The more you are exposed to information and knowledge about your chosen area, the more you will improve the career skills that will propel you forward.

3) Take courses you don’t want to. While this seems contradictory to the title of this post, it actually is more fun sometimes because you are challenging yourself to learn a new area of insurance you didn’t know about before or didn’t like. While it is fine to take courses just on what you want to do in your career, taking courses that stretch your thinking are often the most beneficial in the long run.

4) Think about what your clients want or need. As with any business, in the insurance field you want to try to get information that will help your clients. CE courses are an excellent way to do this. Simply think about the types of questions your clients or prospects usually have about insurance and take courses that will help you answer these questions. If a client wonders about the security of their health insurance information or how they can lower their costs, take courses dealing with HIPAA and health plan information. If they want to add life insurance to their current policy, take courses that deal with insurance riders and add-ons. When you realize how you’re applying what you’re learning to real-world situations, CE course requirements become more interesting.

5) Look for ways to improve your knowledge. After you have taken what is essential, take something you are really interested in that will improve your knowledge base. There is a variety of courses to choose from in Insurance CE. Just browse through the course offerings and think about what you’d like to become an expert in, or simply know more about.

To get more out of your continuing education, reflect on your clients’ concerns as well as your personal goals and take courses that will enhance your learning in these areas. With a little effort you may find yourself enjoying this annual requirement. One note: many states allow you to “roll over” your coursework to the next year if you go over the amount of course hours you need. So, if you feel really ambitious this year, take extra credits. Remember, it’s your career. Be the best you can be and have fun!

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