Making the Most of Leads

how to make insurance sales leads work for youOne of the challenges facing insurance agents is to make the best use of leads. It’s difficult to find a company that can consistently provide effective leads for your business. If your leads program is not working the way it should for you, here are a few tips to make sure it will pay off better in the future:.

1) Check to see if your leads company is focused on the demographic group you are trying to reach, and not other groups that won’t be interested in what you’re selling. For example, if you sell final expense plans, make sure your leads company is not sending you leads from 25-year-olds or people who already have insurance plans. While you might sell to a few people who have previous insurance, you will not have as much success as you would if your leads company targeted older senior citizens without insurance. See if your company can help bring you leads that will work better for you.

2) Try more than one leads company at the same time and track the earnings from each. By using two leads programs simultaneously, you will be able to see which one works the best and tweak as needed for the greatest benefit.

3) Ask other agents if they have a leads company that works for them. By comparing what you do to others’ strategies, you will be able to see how what they are doing might also benefit you.

4) Read articles in trade journals about insurance leads issues. Agents are always concerned about making their leads pay off for them. Some insurance publications focus primarily on this area and offer tips on how to effectively budget your leads to pay off the most, as well as maximize the benefits of different leads programs.

5) Track your sales. Just like in any field, the most effective tool you have as an agent to judge how your leads program is doing is to track your sales on a regular basis. There is software which can track sales online, or you can choose to keep track of your earnings yourself. This will go a long way toward helping fine-tune your sales strategies, including your leads program.

As a general rule, you should only spend about 25% of your income on new leads. Otherwise, you are just putting most of your earnings back into your leads program.

Finding a good leads program takes time, but a little effort will go a long way toward making your investment pay off for you in your insurance career.


Trade Publications and Magazines for Insurance Agents

magazines for insurance agentsAs an insurance agent, it is your duty to stay abreast with the latest changes and upcoming events in the business. While it can be difficult to keep up with agents and brokers outside of your own program or agency, there are several ways you can remain in the know. Read the newest editions of magazines and trade journals that are produced for insurance agents. Browse online for newsletters and digital editions of publications so you can learn about the newest marketing tools and the most up-to-date technology. Here are some of the trade publications and periodicals that will provide you with this valuable information.

Rough Notes

The Rough Notes Company, Inc. is the oldest insurance magazine in the US. Founded in 1878 by Dr. Henry C. Martin, Rough Notes continues to report the latest news for insurance agents and brokers. Look for the regularly chosen agency of the month or upcoming products. Subscribe to this publication for free.

Psychology Today

Better understand your clients, and how to get ahead, with information published in Psychology Today. Topics that are frequently addressed in this magazine include behavioral finance, self-empowerment, and recent psychological surveys.

Best’s Review

Established in 1899, Best’s Review is a premiere publication for insurance agents. It is available in print and digital formats. Discover highlights in the insurance industry with articles on topics including critical illness protection; cargo transport coverage in Latin America; and the key to successful, large IT initiatives for agencies. Find new topics to further your education in insurance protocol.

Business Insurance

Stay informed with the latest news regarding self-insurance and corporate insurance programs. In addition to the monthly print publication, BI subscribers also have access to white papers, newsletters, and articles. Check out the webinars and lists of current events, such as the Risk Management Summit or Women to Watch, on the BI website.

Insurance and Technology

Find the most recent statistics about salary outlook, or research the many types of innovations on the insurance technology front. This newsletter provides insurance professionals with videos on everything from insurance opportunities in China to cloud computing. Read up on the opinions of those in the insurance and technology industries regarding issues pertaining to data security, health insurance kiosks, or information technology (IT) departments.

Insurance and Financial Advisor

Keep up with current events as they relate to the insurance industry with Insurance and Financial Advisor. This web portal posts daily news in the categories of health, life, property-casual, and national news. Learn about up-to-the-minute topics, such as the debate on insuring medical marijuana or financial planning for same-sex couples. While you are on the IFA site, click on the Career Center to find job search resources.