Guides to Growing Your Insurance Career

Grow Insurance CareerUnfortunately, these books won’t help you earn more continuing education credits, but they will help you push your career forward. All of them contain specific, valuable advice on what’s worked for other people: no dry textbooks here. It’s well worth making the time to at least give them a look, even if you can’t go cover to cover. The next time you want to get a little reading done, consider setting aside that thriller or romance that’s had your attention: after all, what could be more exciting than your potential for success?

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling
by Frank Bettger

This is a classic not just in the insurance field, but in business in general. It shares the secrets of how in about ten years Bettger turned himself from a failed insurance salesman to a wealthy man who was one of the best-paid insurance professionals in the US. For Bettger, the key to success lies in your presence and style, your enthusiasm and your confidence. He uses helpful anecdotes to illustrate his points and provides step-by-step guidance. This book will not only enable you to increase your profits and work more efficiently, it will also make you a prized agent within your company.

Power Position Your Agency: A Guide to Insurance Agency Success
by Troy Korsgaden

This book is for agents who find themselves working too hard for too little: spending countless hours on paperwork and driving around to clients without the sales to make the gruntwork worth it. Korsgaden provides concrete strategies that will help you improve your situation quickly. His advice is geared towards getting more leads, getting them to come to your office, and getting meetings done quickly. Korsgarden has also shared his wisdom in seminars with agents across the country.

Increase Your Insurance Sales, Retention & Referrals Now!!!
by Melvin Pierre

Pierre’s enthusiasm is evident right from the title, and it’s that passion that many have loved about this book. He reminds agents why they chose this business in the first place and how their work helps real families. But he’s not all cheerleading: Pierre provides practical, to-the-point advice that will make sales happen for you. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing right away, just start with the section on Overcoming Objections. Both new agents and old veterans will want to dive back into their work after finishing this book.

How I Built A $37 Million Insurance Agency In Less Than 7 Years
by Darren Sugiyama

Sugiyama’s mantra is clarity: with focus and know-how, we can achieve great things. In an enjoyable, conversational style, he takes you through his journey of building a successful company, emphasizing the real steps that you can take yourself. Topics covered include the important details like what to wear to systems that can change your business for the better by increasing profits and efficiency. Readers have praised Sugiyama for real information and a no-nonsense attitude.